The Highland games is an age-old Celtic tradition and competition for the heartiest of the Celtic heritage. On October 1st, the Highland Games of Harpers Ferry festival welcomes all who wish to participate and experience this wonderful culture's liveliness to our new and expanded venue site. When you visit the Highland Games of Harpers Ferry competition, you’ll experience firsthand the loud cheers and jeers of the crowd that has perpetually echoed through history. The Highland Games of Harpers Ferry consist of the following competitions:


Stone Put

Cabre Toss

Axe Throw

Keg Toss

Fighting Sticks


Prizes will be awarded to the overall winners




From the tossing of a cabre end over end, throwing stones for distance and height, or just enjoying great food and grog, there’s something for everyone. This outdoor event will have vendors, live music, food, a beer garden, an outdoor and indoor bar, trivia, and more. On October 1st, we cordially invite you, your family, and friends to participate in this colorful event because without you, there are no games at all.


Admission is $10 per person at the gate; kids under 12 are FREE.


For the heartiest among us, those participating in the games must submit a non-refundable $40 per entry fee when registering.


No outside alcohol will be permitted.


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